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PhD Committee

As a PhD student, you have a say in the composition of the PhD committee. You can vote for candidates in the PhD committee at the faculty where you are enrolled as a PhD student. Among other things, the PhD committee has a say in which PhD courses are offered and how the students are ensured the best supervision conditions. In short, the PhD committee works to ensure the quality of the PhD programme. 

The PhD committee consists of five representatives of the academic staff and five representatives of the PhD students elected by and from among them.

The PhD Committee:

  • nominates the chairperson from the PhD committee’s academic staff and the deputy chairperson from the PhD students in the PhD committee to the Dean.
  • approves PhD courses.
  • approves applications for credits and dispensation.
  • prepares proposals for the Head of PhD School on internal guidelines and supervision.
  • comments on the evaluation of the PhD programme and PhD supervision, including international evaluations of the PhD School, to the Head of PhD School.
  • comments on matters of importance to the PhD programme and PhD supervision submitted by the Dean or the person authorised by the Dean.
  • recommends the composition of the assessment committee for assessing the PhD thesis to the Dean.
Members of the PhD Committee

Here you can see a list of the members of the PhD Committee

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Last Updated 17.04.2024