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A PhD degree at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences is your opportunity to kick-start a research career in the social sciences or a career as a specialised expert in the public or private sector. Regardless of whether your academic interest is in political science, journalism, law, economics, social sciences or business economics, we, at the PhD School at SAMF (SOC SCI), will support your education and research. We offer PhD courses in a wide range of subject areas within social sciences, which you have the opportunity to attend in five different cities across the country. At the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, we make our research relevant by e.g. cooperating directly with business companies, public authorities as well as participating in national and international networks. Furthermore, we make our knowledge available through the media and through participation in the public debate.

With a PhD degree from SAMF (SOC SCI) under your belt, you get research training that focuses on value creation and you become highly qualified for many career paths, whether it is as a researcher or in a position in the public or private sector.

As a PhD graduate from SAMF (SOC SCI), you have the best conditions for further progress in your working life.

Research environment with internal and external researchers

At SDU, you are guaranteed a high-quality research environment with close contact to both internal and external researchers, and at the same time you will be well equipped for an international career. Part of your PhD education will take place abroad as a study period at another university where you will expand your horizon and strengthen your international competencies and networks. You can further expand your international competencies by participating in international conferences around the world.

You will also be part of your supervisor’s research group, where you will gain a strong network of both internal and external research colleagues.

Focus on academic development

During your PhD programme, there will be a close interaction between you and your supervisor, as you will have to undergo a number of evaluations to ensure your academic development. You typically complete your project with two supervisors, and will therefore achieve a high level of academic back-and-forth.

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Influence on your own education

At the PhD School at SAMF (SOC SCI), you have the opportunity to become a member of the PhD committee, and have an influence on your everyday life as a PhD student.


Last Updated 15.03.2024