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PhD Plan

The PhD plan is an overall plan for the PhD project and the other elements that are included in the PhD programme. Your PhD plan must be approved by the PhD committee no later than three months after the PhD programme has commenced. See §9 of the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes.

The PhD plan must ensure a short clarification of expectations between you and the principal supervisor about the project, the supervision and the education in general.

The PhD plan must be as precise as possible, but may be continuously adjusted and clarified – e.g. in connection with the status seminar or the mid-term evaluation. This means that plans about stays at other research institutions, course participation, the form of the dissertation, etc., which are not in place after the first two months, can subsequently be added.

The PhD plan must be signed by you, the principal supervisor and the Head of Department before it is sent to the PhD School and must be received by the PhD School Secretariat no later than two months after the beginning of the PhD programme. You must use the PhD School’s form to prepare your PhD plan. The PhD plan is approved by the PhD committee.

The approved PhD plan forms the basis for the ongoing evaluation of the PhD project and programme progress.

Last Updated 15.03.2024