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Active Living Lab – Pilot Project (Citizen Science – The Movement Laboratory)

The purpose of the project is to develop a concept in which learning is achieved through movement. On the basis of the movement, data is created which is used for research. In addition, an interdisciplinary collaboration is created, which can contribute to the development of Campus Odense and the Active Living Lab in the future.


  • To develop the movement laboratory by coupling movement and STEM
  • To develop courses and activities that can be used in the Active Living Lab
  • To develop a cross-institutional collaboration with relevant professionals
  • To develop a foundation for a sizeable application for e.g. Novo Nordisk (Project support for science education and informal learning environments)

Target group
The objective of this project is to develop and test a concept for primary schools. This concept will take place in the Active Living Lab area, which is part of the Campus Odense project, in which several partners are involved. However, there is a possibility that the concept can be further developed and used in the future by a wider target group.

The project partners will be relevant employees at SDU, University College Lillebaelt, University College South Denmark, The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, the Active Living Lab, Campus Odense and possibly other actors who have an interest in and competencies within the area.

The concept
The concept that will create the framework for learning, movement and data for primary school students has not been established at present. This will be done on the basis of further acquisition of knowledge on the specific criteria set up for the concept, meetings with relevant key people, workshops with experts and workshops with the target group with a focus on knowledge sharing and idea generation.

The concept is developed with the aim of creating movement and interaction between primary school students, the Active Living Lab and STEM learning elements. In addition, the target group and key players are involved in the idea generation and development phase through workshops and tests. 

Funding and budget
The project is funded with DKK 75,000 from SUND and DKK 50,000 from the basic funds. In addition, Campus Odense / Active Living has contributed DKK 50,000. The project expenses include salaries for research assistants and student staff as well as expenses for equipment, props, printing, facilities etc.


Oct.:                  Insight and knowledge base; identification of opportunities and limitations

Nov.:                 Knowledge and idea generation through workshops involving experts and children

Dec./Jan.:         Concept clarification, preparation of prototype and test

Last Updated 27.10.2021