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European millions in grant money from the EU ensures continued development of EPICUR.

The EPICUR university alliance, which SDU joined in 2021, has been granted €14.4 million from the EU’s ERASMUS+ programme, which ensures the further development of the European university over the next four years. For SDU, this means closer cooperation and will, among other things, allow students to take additional and more flexible courses abroad.


The role of SDU Citizen Science is to be an integral part of Citizen Science activities led by the University of Poznan.
In particualar


  • Develop continuing education & Lifelong Learning connections within EPICUR
  • Share best practices and establish procedures for continuing education/Open University offers with each other at European level, based on a thorough needs analysis.
  • Support citizen science skills and competences for EPICUR researchers.
  • Plan and hold Citizen Science seminars
  • Mapping of citizen science activities and joint action plan
  • Implementing a joint citizen science project based on the EPICUR Citizen Science Concept and microcredentials
  • EPICUR teaching programme for citizen science skills (master & ph.d.)
  • Developing teacher competencies: integrating lifelong learning, employability & entrepreneurship, and citizens science into the curriculum


This is done in collaboration with the project partners and various center and colleagues at SDU.
Read more about the project here.


Responsible from SDU Citizen Science:
Anne Kathrine Overgaard and Thomas Kaarsted



Last Updated 28.10.2022