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Procedure for registration

Registration procedure

In order to register your project, you must complete the registration form in the electronic project list. Here you are required to answer a number of questions relating to your project, such as whether you process general or sensitive information, how long you expect your project to last, as well as the use of IT systems etc. In addition, you must make clear what legal framework you will use for the processing. You can contact the lawyers at SDU RIO if you are in any doubt about how to do this.

Register your research

Once you have completed and submitted the form, SDU RIO reviews the notified material in order to ensure that the data protection requirements are met.


Re-register your research project

Due to the GDPR, all active and approved projects must be re-registered on SDU RIOs new project list. This is because, among other things, it must be possible for us to extract all project registrations.

Re-register your research

Contact the lawyers at SDU RIO

Last Updated 17.12.2021