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Festival of Research 2024

Festival of Research 2023

The Festival of Research at SDU is back! In April 2023, we’re ready with lots of live events at all of our five campuses.

Note: With a few exceptions, all activities at the Festival of Research in Odense are in Danish
On Saturday 22 April at 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. SDU Odense invites you to a Saturday devoted to science. It will be six hours crammed with research, experiences and entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.

Our exciting offerings include:

  • Clement Kjersgaard's talk show on the war in Ukraine with professor Sten Rynning, professor Peter Viggo Jakobsen and assistant professor André Ken Jakobsen
  • SDU Masters - meet contestants from the LEGO Masters TV show and get to build your own science models in LEGO
  • The Climate Crisis: conversation with professor Sebastian Mernild and journalist Mikkel Beha Erichsen
  • Author Olga Ravn and associate professor Louise Kallestrup on witches
  • Dystopia Entertainment, together with horror researcher Rikke Schubart, takes us on a spine-chilling trip down to the University's basement
  • The Teddy Bear Hospital: The popular teddy bear doctors are back!
  • Visit our VR lab!

And lots more.

The full programme is available on the Danish webpage.

We look forward to seeing you on 22 April.

Last Updated 13.12.2023