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Submitting the thesis

Procedures for uploading the PhD thesis in PURE

The PhD thesis is officially handed in once it is uploaded in PURE. This means that the PhD thesis, required attachments and administrative documents must be submitted on the date of expiry of the PhD study at the latest. In brief, the procedure is as follows:

1. The student must upload the final and complete version of the PhD thesis in PURE including both a Danish and English abstract in PDF-format. The following documents must be attached:

  • Statement from the principal supervisor and co-author statement, if any (jointly uploaded in PDF-format)
  • Activity overview (separately uploaded in PDF-format)

2. After uploading the PhD thesis it will automatically be checked for plagiarism by SDUB in accordance with the existing procedures

3. After the plagiarism check SDUB will forward the PhD thesis and administrative documents to the PhD School via FileSender for assessment

4. The PhD School will send the PhD thesis to the assessment committee and the principal supervisor

5. SDUB will ensure that the PhD thesis is made available in PURE to the public in due time before the PhD defence once your PhD thesis is recommended for PhD defence, unless an embargo period or permission not to publish your thesis digitally has been agreed upon. If exceptions are made, you must hand in a printed version of your thesis to the PhD School Secretariat in order to ensure that the PhD thesis is made available to the public in due time before the PhD defence, cf PhD Order section 19 (2).

When uploading the thesis the student will be asked to confirm whether they allow e-publication. If the student accepts to have the file for the assessment committee published, it will be published via PURE once the thesis has been recommended for PhD defence by the assessment committee.

Detailed information about procedures for submission, publishing, copyright, etc. is available at SDUB’s
website in English and Danish

Copyright issues for article based PhD theses

As a general rule all PhD theses from SDU must be published digitally through PURE. If exceptions are to be made, it requires written permission.
Please make sure to clarify any copyright issues regarding the articles before submission in PURE.

Co-author statements

If the thesis consists of co-authored articles, the student must make sure that approved and signed co-author statements are uploaded parallel to the upload of the thesis in PURE.

Redacted version

In PURE it is possible to select whether the complete thesis can be published digitally. If the thesis contains articles which cannot be published parallel to the original version due to copyright issues, the student can upload a redacted version of the thesis which allows the student to upload an additional document without articles which will be e-published and thus, can be made publicly accessible on the Research Portal. The complete version of the PhD thesis including all articles will be forwarded to the PhD School in connection with the assessment of the thesis.

Printed version

In case of any copyright issues and if publication via PURE is not permitted, the thesis must be published in print. The student must submit a printed version of the PhD thesis to the PhD School Secretariat after uploading the PhD thesis in PURE for the assessment committee. The PhD School will forward the printed version to SDUB after the assessment committee has recommended your thesis for PhD defence. SDUB will see to that the printed version is made available to the public at the SDUB Special Collections Reading Room, a supervised reading room at SDU Odense, in due time before the PhD defence in accordance with the PhD Order section 19 (2).


It will be possible to apply for an embargo period for the publication of your thesis. This might be the relevant if you are negotiating with another publisher, in case of copyrighted articles, etc. 

If exceptions from the above procedures are to be made, you will have to fill in SDUB’s application form in due time before submission of your thesis (preferably two to three months before submission of your thesis).

SDUB is responsible for the approval of applications regarding embargo (up to 12 months) and prolongation of the embargo period on behalf of the PhD School. Please contact SDUB for further guidance about how to apply for an embargo period or permission not to publish your thesis digitally.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures for submission of your PhD thesis in PURE, please do not hesitate to contact SDUB.

Last Updated 29.03.2022