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Milestones during the Part A


Evaluations during Part A

The PhD plan must be approved by the PhD committee no later than three months after enrolment. To ensure that approval is ready in time, the plan must be received by the PhD School’s secretariat no later than two months after enrolment.


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The status seminar must be held after 12-15 months of enrolment.

The purpose of the status seminar is to ensure an initial overview of the PhD programme with a focus on delimitation, quality and progression of the PhD project. This creates an opportunity to ensure optimal planning of the PhD student’s stay abroad/environmental change, as well as the opportunity for early management of any risk factors.

The status seminar is held with a presentation of the PhD project for the research group/department. It is up to the respective department to define the form, but it will be a requirement that the PhD student and principal supervisor provide feedback to the PhD School on how and when the status seminar is conducted, as well as who has participated. The PhD School’s form for evaluation after 12-15 months (Status Seminar) must be used.

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Part A is concluded with a qualification examination and a subsequent PhD seminar, which is held no later than 24 months after enrolment. 

The qualification examination must demonstrate that the PhD student has obtained a qualification level corresponding to a Master’s degree, and the PhD seminar must provide a broad basis for assessing the PhD student’s ability to complete the PhD programme and, if necessary, adjust the PhD project.

Qualification exams and PhD seminars must be held no later than 24 months after enrolment in the 4+4 scheme. Approximately six weeks before the qualification examination, the PhD student submits material for the qualification examination and the subsequent PhD seminar via Blackboard/Itslearning.

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If, in connection with the evaluations, the head of the PhD School concludes that you do not meet the requirements of the PhD plan despite any adjustments, you will receive an offer to rectify your PhD study within three months. The head of the PhD School will typically be in close dialogue with supervisors and possibly the head of department before deciding on a rectification course. The three-month rectification period does not in itself lead to an extension of the overall PhD programme. Offers for rectification courses can only be given once during the entire PhD programme.


If you have not accepted this within one week of receiving the three-month offer for the rectification of the programme, your enrolment will cease.

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Last Updated 15.03.2024