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The supervisor function is an important element in the PhD programme. The supervision includes information about and advice on all aspects of the PhD programme with a focus on academic supervision in connection with the research activities. The principal supervisor is responsible for the complete PhD programme, cf. section 8 of the PhD Executive Order.

A good PhD programme requires that a successful collaboration is established between the PhD student, the principal supervisor and the co-supervisor from the outset of the PhD programme, where the PhD student and the supervisors discuss requirements and expectations with each other. A description of the mutual requirements and expectations for the supervision – including expectations for the form and scope of the supervision – must be included in the PhD plan.

An overall, common minimum standard of 100 hours per year per PhD student is expected of the principal and co-supervisor. It is also expected that the principal supervisor follows the PhD student’s project closely throughout the course of programme. The principal supervisor should be in close dialogue with the PhD student about how the project is progressing and to what extent adjustments are needed in terms of both the project and the other elements of the PhD programme (courses, lectures, stays in other research environments, etc.).

For the regular evaluations, it must be stated how the supervision has proceeded and the extent of supervision. The PhD School recommends that joint supervision meetings are held, where both supervisors participate at least once per semester.

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Last Updated 15.03.2024