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Centrets projekter og relevante netværk


Susanne Bruhn,

Between Art and Mass Production

Axel Salto and the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory

SDU and CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art, Ny Carlsberg PhD fellowship


This research project examines the artist’s role and Salto’s collaboration with the company during the 1950s. The project explores the media discourse and the visual mediations of this partnership in connection with international design exhibitions such as Triennale di Milano, Design in Scandinavia, 1954-57, and The Arts of Denmark. Viking to Modern, 1960-61.

Keywords: Danish Modern, design exhibition, mediation, design culture.


Giovanni Acerbis,

The Role of Kitchens

Reaching Sustainability through Materiality

SDU PhD project


By combining New Materialist theories, literature on product sustainability and craft studies the project explores consumption of kitchens in relations to issues of sustainability. By investigating how kitchens actively shape and develop interactions with users, the project frames materiality as a possible catalyst for more sustainable kitchen-user interactions.



Joachim Allouche,

Danish Glass after 1950

SDU and Museum of Southeast Denmark, Ny Carlsberg PhD fellowship 


In the second half of the 20th century, Danish glass design got its own identity; this happened as a reaction to foreign competition that employed an increasingly sophisticated production apparatus capable of making machine-made glass. The design style, which empathized glass as a manifestation of craft and visual designers while still being affordable, would remain until the 21st century when the industry got hit by a crisis, which resulted in the foreclosure of the last Danish glasswork.

The project, Danish Glass after 1950, aims to explore how Danish glass design and industry mutually affect each other and how this interaction impacted the industry's development and final demise in 2008.



Anna Freund,, & Karoline F. B. Schou,

The Meaningful Connection between the History of Danish Design and Repressed Cultural Heritage

A Design Historical Investigation of the Production of Plates at the Royal Porcelain Factory, with a Focus on the Period 1960-1979

SDU MA-thesis in collaboration with CLAY Ceramic Museum, 2023


The history of plate production at the Royal Porcelain Factory, 1960-1979, is examined through various dimensions of the production process, including the cultural context in which the plates emerged and operated, and how this culture of production changed in response to globalization and modernization. Furthermore, the impact of these changes on female workers involved in plate production and the implications it had for the production process in 1972/73 is explored. Finally, the thesis explores how the production history of plates from the Royal Porcelain Factory can be integrated into a relevant service product for CLAY Ceramic Museum, specifically an interactive workshop engaging technical high school students.


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