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NewsArcade- Seriously Play the News! is a 2-year Creative Europe-Media co-funded project with a mission to bring together journalism and news consumption closely by means of gamifications as an educational approach to improve young adults’ news literacy, critical thinking skills and thus, tackle disinformation and the challenges faced by media companies.

Premise of the project is the notion, that media companies are facing a fundamental challenge: the questioning of their legitimacy.

The rise of disinformation, the growing success of anti-democratic parties, the alternative discourse on science feeding the Covid deniers and the anti vax movement everywhere across Europe, have led a part of the population to turn their back on news outlets.

MFI is contributing to the project from academic angles qualifying mainly its media literacy and educational aspects on young adults users and journalism.


Contact: Aslak Gottlieb, Journalistic Lecturer:

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Sidst opdateret: 31.10.2023