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Topology, Algebra, Analysis and Geometry (TAAG)

Our group conducts research within a broad spectrum of pure mathematics, with particular emphasis on the theory related to quantum phenomena.  Research in pure mathematics forms the theoretical framework within which we can build models to better understand the world around us, and  new mathematical developments are therefore paramount for our ability to unravel the mysteries of the universe as well as for  further technological advances. At the moment, phenomena taking place at the quantum scale  are still missing a satisfactory mathematical underpinning, and our research group is investigating numerous different aspects of this overarching problem. Among our main fields of expertise are quantum topology,   moduli space theory, operator algebras, geometric quantization, cluster algebras, non-commutative geometry and symplectic geometry. Our research is currently funded via the ERC Synergy Grant ReNewQuantum as well as several research grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, Novo Nordisk Foundation,  Danish National Research Foundation.

Section members

Christof Geiss, professor 
Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, professor, head of centre 
Vivek Shende, professor 
Wojciech Szymanski, professor
David Kyed, associate professor, head of section
Jens Kaad, associate professor
Jamie Gabe, assistant professor
Daria Polydarya, postdoc
Ikshu Neithalath, postdoc 
Konstantin Wernli, postdoc 
 Nezhla Aghaei, postdoc
Shan Shan, postdoc 
William Elbæk Mistegård, postdoc
Calvin Pfeifer, PhD
 Emil Hössjer, PhD
Santiago Quintero de los Rios, PhD 
Sophie Emma Mikkelsen, PhD
Tim Henke, PhD 
Zhongyu Zhang, PhD 
Jane Jamshidi, centre administrator 
Christopher Kuo, Scientific Assistant 
Thomas Gotfredsen, research assistant
Jeong Hee Hong, guest researcher
Yang Huang, guest researcher 

External funding and ongoing projects

VILLUM Investigator, Mathematics of the topological open string, 2021-2027, DKK 25 million, V. Shende (PI)

NOVO Starting Package Applications of knot invariants/microlocal sheaf theory in macromolecular folding/topological data analysis applicable to biomedicine, 2021-2025, DKK 6 million, V. Shende (PI)

DNRF Chair for Vivek Shende, 2021-2024, DKK 8 million, V. Shende (PI)

EU-ERC Synergy Grant, 'Recursive and Exact New Quantum Theory (ReNewQuantum), 2019-2025, EUR 10 million, J.E. Andersen (PI) in collaboration with Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, University of Geneva & Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA Saclay.

DFF-Research Project 1, Classical and Quantum Distances, 2019-2022, DKK 2,3 million, D. Kyed (PI) and J. Kaad (co-PI).

DFF-Research Project 2, Automorphisms and invariants of operator algebras, 2017-2021, DKK 5,5 million, W. Szymanski (PI), D. Kyed (AI), J. Kaad (AI), in collaboration with Copenhagen University and Aarhus University.


Contact person

David Kyed

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Sapere Aude

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Institut for Matematik og Datalogi, Syddansk Universitet

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  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Telefon: +45 6550 2387

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