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 25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Vanina Kirilova Petrova
Elucidating the role of tight junction proteins in colon cancer Development

25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Wojciech Michalak
Bioinformatics in Proteomics: A web based platform for supervised data analysis focused on protein complexes

25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Annette Rønholt Larsen
Advanced Genetic Investigations in a Girl with Atypical Segmental Hyperinsulinism Using Crispr/Cas9 – A Novel Method for Genome Engineering

25. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Tsiamis Vasileios
Wed-based application for visualization of proteins and their post translational modifications (PTMs) based on their quantification

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Nicoline Kingo Pedersen
Identification and characterization of transcription regulators involved in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Sarah Søndergård Rasmussen
Global proteome analysis of fat depots derived from a MDM2 adipose-specific transgenic mouse model

26.  juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ramanan Vaitheeswaran
Barnes maze assessment of spatial learning and memory in ageing APPswe/PS1ΔE9 mice: Association with β-amyloid, tau, and synaptic pathology

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Maria Victoria Mikkelsen
Investigation of the Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Involved in the Depot-Specific Browning Capacity of White Adipocytes by Utilization of 3D Cell Culturing

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ann-Sophie Seistrup
A Statistical Approach to Pseudoexon Investigation

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Zainab Hikmat
Effects of Insulin Receptor Deficiency on Molecular Pathways Regulating Energy Metabolism

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Ema Halimic
Structural comparative analysis of astrocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells with PARK2-mutations versus healthy controls

26. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Line Frydensberg Petersen
Effect of trefoil factor 3 on dopaminergic differentiation of human neural stem cells: Potential role in Parkinson’s disease

27. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Simon Toftholm Jakobsen
Characterizing of aberrant splicing events in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

27. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Maria Høj Hansen
Influence of plasmin on hypertension and kidney fibrosis in diabetes

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Vivien Tejsi
Modulation of learning and memory by TNF dependent mechanisms

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Anders Christian Nørgaard Hansen
How the complex formation of haptoglobin-hemoglobin lead to high affinity for the receptor CD163

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Sigurd Josef Frederiksen
Structure and proteolytic function of calreticulin

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Christian Engelbrecht Mikkelsen
Analysing mass spectrometric data of chemically cross-linked peptides using bioinformatics

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Cecilie Steensboe Lang
U12 intron splicing in Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

28. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Line Julie Lindorf Christensen
Functional role of GR in the hepatic transcriptional repsonse to feeding

29. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Kristian Horsman Hansen
The role of the ATP-dependent chromatin remodeler ISWI in regulation of adipocyte and osteoblast differentiation

29. juni 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Christian Furbo Christiansen
Exploring the evolutionary and functional aspect of microbial oxygen sensing in the ocean

4. juli 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Stine Bøttcher Jacobsen
Transcriptome sequencing of blood and heart tissue from sudden unexplained death victims

23. august 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Julie Sloth Vistisen
The effect of epidermal barrier permeability on energy metabolism

24. august 2018 - Kandidateksamen - Annika Hummersgaard Hansen
Probing the structure of α-synuclein by oxidative labeling and mass spectrometry


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