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Kommende og nyligt afholdte arrangementer

26.02.2024 BMB Seminar room 12.00-13.00
Junior Cancer Club Presentation

30.01.2024 PhD Forsvar Daniel Nyberg Larsen
MS-based epitope mapping methods with a view to biopharmaceutical development

25.01.2024 DIAS Auditorium 13.00-17.00
SDU Imaging Symposium

17.01.2024 PhD Forsvar Daniel Hansen
The Role of Stellate Cells in Hepatic Lipid Handling

16.01.2024 BMB Guest Lecture 13.00-14.30
Sebastian Leptihn; Bacterioviruses as Biological Antibiotics Phage Therapy: A cure or an anti-virulence therapy?

14.01.2024 DIAS Auditorium 14.00-16.00
New Year's reception at the Faculty of Science





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