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Kommende og nyligt afholdte arrangementer

17.06.2022 - BMB Lecture 13.00-14.00 BMB Seminar room
Joanna Maria Kalucka; Profiling endothelial heterogeneity in health and obesity

30.05.2022 BMB Lecture 11.00-12.00 BMB Seminar room
David Stokes; 'Potassium transport by KdpFABC: marriage between a pump and a channel’ 

23.05.2022 - BMB Symposium 10.00-12.00 U1
Ken Coppetiers; Therapeutic application of advanced molecular biology: siRNA drugs from bench to bedside

19.05.2022- BMB Lecture 9.15-10.15 BMB Seminar room
Andreas Stahl; Coenzyme Q regulates UCP1 expression and thermogenesis through the integrated stress response 

17.05.2022 - Ph.D. Forsvar - Kari Østerli Frafjord
Nutritional reprogramming of pancreatic β-cells

17.05.2022 - BMB Lecture 10.00-11.00 BMB Seminar room
Pierre Maechler; Circadian adaption to dietary protein changes requires active liver glutamate dehydrogenase

10.05.2022 - BMB Lecture 14.00 BMB Seminar room
Sir Philip Cohen; From Glycogen to Immune Cell Signalling and back again

29.04.2022 - Ph.D. Forsvar - Vasileios Tsiamis
Peptide and protein quantification using mass spectrometry - approaches and challenges

07.04.2022 - Ph.D. Forsvar - Mike Krogh Terkelsen
Application of single cell transcriptomics to understand cellular plasticity in the diseased liver

07.04.2022 - D-IAS Lecture 14.15-16.15 D-IAS Auditorium
Neil Henderson and Tune H. Pers 

30.03.2022 - D-IAS Lecture Christine Stabell Benn

29.03.2022 - BMB Lecture 12.15-13.15 BMB Seminarrum
Daniela De Zio: Looking for new molecular targets and therapeutic approaches in melanoma

28.03.2022 - BMB Lecture 12.00-14.00 D-IAS Seminar Room(Moved to U110 Ø-4-308-0)
Romain Barres: Contribution of epigenetic factors in metabolic health

25.03.2022 - BMB Lecture-11.00-12.00 BMB Seminar room
Cordelia Imig: Dissecting the mechanism of serotonin release in the gut

23.03.2022 - D-IAS Lecture Anthony Fernandez

21.03.2022 - D-IAS Lecture Bente Klarlund

16.03.2022 - D-IAS Lecture Josie Billington

15.03.2022 - SDU Imaging Grand reopening Workshop- 13.00-15.30 BMB Seminar room
SDU Imaging reopening programme

10.03.2022 - Ph.D. Forsvar - Christoph Andreas Engelhard
Functions of long noncoding RNAs in metabolic processes

09.03.2022 - D-IAS Lecture - Nikos Ntoumanis

05.03.2022 - CFO 25 th anniversary 16.00 BMB Torvet

04.03.2022 - Ph.D. Forsvar - Catarina Mendes Correia
Regulation of hepatic metabolism by the glucocorticoid receptor

03.03.2022 - Ph.D. Forsvar - Helle Frandsen
Integration of 3D cell culture methods and Omics technologies for systematic studies of liver function in health and disease

23.02.2022 - D-IAS Lecture 12.15-13.15 D-IAS Auditorium
Johan Samsing and Daniel D'orazio: Probing Black Holes with Electromagnetic and Gravitational Wave Observations

23.02.2022 - Ph.D Forsvar - Rikke Scheel Thomasen
Assessment of fatty acids in fighting bacterial infections

18.02.2022 - BMB Lecture - 10.00-11.00 BMB Seminar room
Julia Chamot-Rooke: Realizing the potential of top-down proteomics for human biology

17.02.2022 - Ph.D. Forsvar - Masa Babovic
Top-down protein characterization by MS with a view to biopharmaceutical development – current status, challenges and the road ahead

17.01.2022 - Ph.D Forsvar - Sofie Marchsteiner Bendixen
Molecular mechanisms of cellular plasticity during NASH development



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