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Develops emergency generators for Bank of America

Anders is employed at the R&D Department at APC by Schneider Electric, a leading company in the development of emergency generators; the so-called UPS model. Here he programs firmware for the master controllers in the emergency generators.

‘Firmware is the technology that you cannot see, but which is part of a lot of things from our everyday life such as mobile phones and cars’, he explains.

Stability is worth millions
Their biggest client is Bank of America for whom a power failure, even for only a second, would be a disaster. Thus error management and status checks are in focus:

‘It is our job to ensure that the client’s load such as for example servers and cooling systems always have power. We must make sure that the system is running constantly. That puts high demands on the quality and a lot of time is devoted to control and monitoring of the system’.

100 per cent focus on development
That Anders has a master degree in Robot Systems and is specialised in Embedded Systems has been an important launch pad to the job.
‘I use my basic knowledge of electrical engineering, electronic design, digital electronics, and programming of micro-controllers and FPGAs. Moreover, I am in charge of the real-time operating system, which I have been taught as part of my master degree’.

Anders got the job the day he defended his master thesis:

‘It was a very hectic time with a perfect finish. My best July ever!’, says the young engineer who has definitely not regretted accepting the job:

‘The best part of the job is that it is strictly development. I do not have to deal with neither clients nor economy; that is done by other departments. It is a real privilege to be allowed to work exclusively with development and to do what you are trained for’.


To get a master degree in Robot Systems you study for 2 years on top of a 3 years bachelor degree.

At the master programme you specialise in either:

1) Robotics,
2) Artificial Intelligence,
3) Software System Engineering,
4) Embedded Systems, or
5) Computer Vision


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Last Updated 11.02.2021