Development of a Smart Trolley

Project Description
The Smart Trolley project is a collaboration between several companies to produce a multifunctional energy-efficient trolley for unloading of merchandise. The main responsibility for the execution and development of the project lies with the newly established company Smart Trolley IVS.

The overall goal of the Smart Trolley project is to develop, build and test prototypes with abilities in the field of efficiency, usability, stair climbing, and multicompatibility.

The objective is the development of a trolley prototype capable of transporting goods (eg. kegs and other brewery products), both on level ground and up stairs, while limiting the strain on the user in a safe and efficient manner. Also included in the project is the lifting of goods as well as the development of a system that allows for easy modifications to make the trolley more versatile.

The PhD project is in the field of mechatronics and comprises both research and development. The partner company is in need of the development of a stair-climbing solution for a motorized hand truck whereas the research done will be related to the stair-climbing hand truck. The subject covers several fields but the main focus is on mechanical, control and power aspects.

PhD Student: Simon Iversen

Industrial partner: Smart Trolley IVS, Nordborg

The project is financially supported by the European Union.