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SDUB's other collections

Since the introduction in 1991 of a rhythmical line of study at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music Odense, the library's acquisition within jazz has really speeded up so that on the 1st May 2007 the collection consists of more than 900 books, 850 sheet music, 312 78's, 191 EP's, 4100 LP's. 4200 CD's, 179 DAT tapes and 73 videos plus a number of current and ceased to be published journals including, for example, older Danish publications. There is also a collection of documents in the form of miscellaneous jazz festival and jazz concert programmes from home and abroad, a complete set of programmes from Jazzhus Montmartre (1983-1990), Jazzhus Sophus Ferdinand, Odense (1974-1986), Værtshuset i Odense (1971-1972), Jazzhus Dexter in Odense (1998- ) as well as Brande Bookshops's postal order catalogue of jazz records (1955-1973). The library has also received minutes of meetings, letters, applications and regulations, etc. from the Danish Jazz Association (1970-1977) and a very fine donation in the form of Ole "Fessor" Lindgreen's scrapbooks (1957-2001) from his Big City Band in all of 13 volumes.

Much of the collection has been received as donations and the library will be very happy to continue receiving jazz donations but it reserves the right to take out duplicate copies and give them to the students.