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The Danish Jazz Center's public collection

This part of the Danish Jazz Center's collections was purchased with funds allocated by the former Statens Musikråd. The collection contains more than 50 sheets of music, 49 books, 1516 78-rpm records, 482 lps, 300 CDs and a number of journals, some of which are not to be found in any other Danish library.

Most of the collection consists of more than 2600 reel-to-reel tapes, 1000 casette tapes and 500 DAT tapes of jazz broadcasts including both music and interviews tapped from Danmarks Radio between 1975-1997. These tapes are invaluable documentation of what went on on the jazz scene during this period. On top of this there are about 700 video tapes tapped from both Danish, Swedish and German television between 1980-1997, spanning from old short films to contemporary concert recordings.

Literature: Det Danske Jazzcenter 25 år, 1971-1996. Redigeret af Cim Meyer. Det Danske Jazzcenter, 1996.