Campus Slagelse

While Slagelse is no metropolis, it is still an impressively busy city with lots of activities and events, such as St. Michael's night, which is the biggest ‘culture night’ event in Denmark outside of Copenhagen. Another great thing about studying in Slagelse is that it is easy to find cheap student accommodation in the city.

The Slagelse campus has approximately 2,100 students and nearly 100 employees.

Friendly and close-knit study environment

The Slagelse campus has bright, welcoming classrooms, a modern auditorium and lots of student lounges where you can work without distractions, either alone or with your study group.

Because of the compact and close-knit study environment, you will quickly get to know your fellow students, all of whom are studying in the humanities or social sciences.

Students in focus

In recent years, SDU has focused on putting students even more in focus to ensure that you as a student will always receive the best teaching in a good study environment.

In addition, we believe you are entitled to great service when dealing with the university’s staff.

You will therefore find that you can quickly and easily get the guidance or answers you need - either from your lecturers, academic advisers or the various service areas at the Slagelse campus.

Service, search and support

Student Services, which is centrally located at the main entrance, offers advice and guidance on the rules that apply to your programme of study.

Of course, Student Services can also help you with questions about admission, leave of absence, accommodation and much more.

At the library, staff are always ready to help you find the information or literature you are looking for, and they can also assist you with running searches through the database.

The Career Centre can advise you on any questions relating to employment and career that may arise during your studies, regardless of whether you have just started or are putting the finishing touches on your master’s thesis.

IT-service takes care of the day-to-day operation of SDU’s various IT systems.

If you are ever in need of IT support, send an e-mail to You can also head directly over to IT-service, which is located on the 1st floor by the main entrance.

Become part of a community

As a student, you have the opportunity to participate in academic or socially-oriented student associations at the Slagelse campus.

The Friday bar ‘Kutteren’ is run by an active group of students who also organise parties and special events such as stand-up comedy nights, music with a DJ or live band, football games and much more.

If academic activities are more your thing, there is the possibility of being hired as an academic adviser or getting appointed as a student representative for one of the many academic committees such as the study board, where you can have a significant influence on the organisation of your own programme of study.

More information

Learn more about the Slagelse campus and Slagelse as a student city. If you have any questions, you are always very welcome to contact the campus secretary, Kirsten Lambert, on 6550 9114 or

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