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Green Camp 2023 - Case Competition

Do you have a sustainability challenge to which you would like a solution? Do you want to explore the opportunities and advantages of employing an academic in your company? Green Camp 2023 - Case Competition at the University of Southern Denmark is a project aimed at strengthening the cohesive knowledge between companies and academic students, where both parties get a deeper understanding of the possibilities of working together.

Green Camp is a competition for candidate students from the University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg and Aalborg University in Esbjerg. The students work with cases provided by local companies from Varde Municipality with a sustainable perspective, where the aim is to solve challenges related to green transition.

The ambition is to:

  • Develop sustainable solutions that will be used in companies
  • Create and strengthen the network between students and the enrolled companies
  • Give the students a good experience with the business life that awaits them after graduation
  • Enable local companies to discover new talent and see the opportunities in hiring student assistants or graduates with an academic education

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The competition runs for three days. On the first day the students are placed in groups and paired with a local company, which provides them with a real-life case. Already at day one, the groups will start working on the cases. On the second day the casework continues, at the location of the company. Last, the third day is the official competition day. Here the groups will present the result of their casework and committee of judges will decide the winners of the competition.

Practical information

  • Language: English

  • Timeframe: 3 days, 4th October from 15:00 to 6th October 15:00

  • Theme: Green Transition and sustainable solutions

  • Collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark, Varde Municipality and AAU Esbjerg.

What to expect and prepare as a participating company

  • Identify a company case within sustainability
  • A business representative presents the company and case on day one:
    - Attending in the afternoon
    - 5 min pitch
    - Prepare written materials
    - Handover of case to the selected group (approx. 55 min)
  • Hosting the student group from 9.00 to 16.00 on day two which includes the following (as a minimum):
    - Appointing a contact person
    - Providing a workspace for the group
    - Serving lunch and beverages
  • A company representative joining for the pitches’, from 12 - 15 on day three

If you, as a company in Varde Municipality, have questions that do not concern the universities' involvement, you can contact Christine Schoop Gärtner on tel: 40503474 or email:

For all other questions, please contact Pernille List on email: