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Master of Business Administration

Decision, Persuasion & Negotiation



Realizing it or not, we make numerous decisions every day, many of which concern how to persuade, how to negotiate, and how to exert influence on other people. How do you convince a client to trust your idea? How do you negotiate the best terms for a project? How do you influence team dynamics to your favor? In virtually any profession, these skills are not just advantageous—they're vital. However, research indicates that, intriguingly, even the brightest minds among us fall prey to biases that can skew our decisions, hinder our ability to persuade, and weaken our negotiation tactics.

This course delves deep into the underlying forces that drive human behavior. Drawing from rich studies in business, economics, psychology, and neuroscience, we will explore empirically validated principles that will elevate the quality and impact of your decisions, persuasive abilities, and negotiation strategies. More than just theory, this course is deeply rooted in application. An integral part of the course is the application of the principles to solve the problem encountered by the students in their own organizations, from marketing and sales to leadership, behavioral design, and investment decisions. Students also have the opportunities to learn and practice these principles in decision-making experiments and negotiation exercises.

  • Heuristics and biases in human judgment
  • Decision under risk and uncertainty
  • Financial and investment decisions
  • Group and strategic decision making
  • Principles of influence and persuasion
  • Narrative structure of persuasive messages
  • Appropriation tactics in distributive negotiation
  • Value creation in integrative negotiation
  • Culture and its influence

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SDU Odense 

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Huanren Zhang

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