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Master of Business Administration

Data, Disruption and Decisions



The purpose of the course is to provide the student with knowledge, skills and competencies to analyze, understand, and manage the triangle of disruption, data and decisions.

Disruption can both be of market and of technological nature and can severely influence firms and industries. It is a goal that the student understands the importance of the opportunities as well as threats that digitalization represents and that they can translate theory on data and disruption into managerial decisions.

It is further a goal that the students demonstrate understanding of the benefits of big data and data analytics, and can demonstrate insight into data collection and analysis as well as the related challenges pertaining to data collection and implementation of a data driven strategy. 


  • The importance of digital disruption and its strategic consequences. 
  • Identification of disruptive innovation and potential disruptive mega-trends. 
  • Data as driver for innovation. 
  • Analysis and application of large and unstructured data sources. 
  • Digitalization as driver for innovation. 
  • Digital transformation of organizations. 
  • Managerial perspectives and decision processes for data-driven innovation, digitalization, and disruption 

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SDU Odense

Course responsible
Martin Kalthaus

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