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Master in Intelligence and Cyber Studies

Governance and Strategic Decision-making in Times of Transformational Change


The course aims to give participants an understanding of the rapidly changing and highly complex threat environment – the Around - that is currently presenting numerous challenges for strategic planning and decision-making in both the intelligence and cyber fields.

The course aims to enhance the understanding of risk and resilience as important considerations for strategic planning and governance.

The course will introduce participants to concepts such as resilience-thinking, governance and risk-society to further the understanding of the fundamentally altered conditions for the cyber and intelligence domains, and the difficulties associated with presenting a positive narrative when mitigation, rather than solutions, are the most likely outcomes. 



  • Challenges associated with transformational change 
  • Governance and resilience 
  • Risk, the risk society and ontological security  
  • Securitisation and wicked problems 
  • Challenges to policy planning, analysis and decision-making for small states such as Denmark 

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SDU Odense

Olivier Schmitt

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