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Management of Technology | MMT webinar

Hvem: Master in Management of Technology (MMT)
Varighed:  40 min.
Hvor: On-demand



In the latest ranking of the largest companies by market capitalization, nine of the top-ten were technology companies. These companies are leaders in product innovation precisely because of their ability to anticipate emerging technologies and systematically leverage new functionalities across their product portfolios.

This on-demand webinar will give you insights into: 

  • How emerging technologies create emerging markets.
  • How companies achieve a balanced portfolio of technology capabilities.
  • How technology strategy can be used to define business-level strategy. 
Professor Max von Zedtwitz will give you solid research-based knowledge on the subject.


Register  and watch the webinar at any time by using this online form.


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This on-demand webinar is hosted by Master in Management of Technology and provides an insight into the course Management of Technology.