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The continuous changes in available technologies and access to markets challenge businesses and call for strategic technology management. SDU’s Master in Management of Technology (MMT in short) is therefore designed to enable you to strategically lead your organisation’s technology-based efforts towards innovative solutions, organisational change, and improved performance. 

You will learn how to seize business opportunities, implement, and scale solutions, as well as create value and sustainable growth based on knowledge about technology. 

By following and completing the MMT programme, you increase your competencies to:

  • ensure the strategic interplay between technologies, innovation, and sustainability critical to business development 
  • identify both barriers and opportunities related to technology-based change – and convert the opportunities into value to your organisation and its stakeholders 
  • set the strategic direction for exploration, development, implementation, and commercialisation of both known and emerging technologies  
  • create a more sustainable direction for your organisation.


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