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Additive Manufacturing | MMT webinar

Hvem: Master in Management of Technology (MMT)
Varighed:  30 min.
Hvor: On-demand

Additive Manufacturing (AM) – also known as 3D printing – can create much value for industrial companies! So far, attention has been concentrated mainly on the potentials for printing smaller items and for household use, although AM is in fact widely applicable across different industry settings for e.g. prototyping and tooling.

Watch this on-demand webinar to get insights into 

  • what AM is,
  • some of the challenges that firms face when adopting the technology,
  • how AM supports value creation,
  • and how AM is related to improved sustainability.

Professor Mette Præst Knudsen and Associate Professor Henrik Blichfeldt from SDU together with Steffen Haslund Schmidt from Danish AM Hub will give you a solid research-based introduction to AM as well as practical examples of how companies are facing and deciding on the technology.


Register and watch the webinar at any time by using this online form.


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This on-demand webinar  provides an insight into Master in Management of Technology (MMT) and the course Value Creation through Additive Manufacturing.