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ProcessToMarket Evaluation Tool


The Process-to-Market evaluation tool helps large-scale electricity consumers with flexibility potential to identify the submarkets with the lowest participation barriers within an electricity market ecosystem. Market selection is based on techno-regulatory criteria, considering both process operational requirements and market participation requirements. Results are given in the form of multi-criteria feasibility scores for each submarket, allowing straightforward comparison of submarket performances. This prefeasibility evaluation tool acts as a decision support tool when setting up consumer-side market participation strategies in complex modern electricity markets.

When implementing a new market analysis, the tool will take you through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Process questionnaire, to get the flexibility constraints of the evaluated process
  • Step 2: Market data, to get the market participation requirements in the evaluated market context
  • Step 3: Results visualization, to compare results between submarkets and help decision making.

The tool is based on the process-to-market evaluation method presented in:

“Fatras N, Ma Z, Jørgensen BN. Process-to-market matrix mapping: A multi-criteria evaluation framework for industrial processes’ electricity market participation feasibility. Applied Energy. 2022;313”


Principal investigator: Zheng Grace Ma

Development team: Nicolas Fatras, Henrik Schwarz

Tool link:

Sidst opdateret: 11.05.2023