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A new international Network for Medieval arts and Rituals

CML is one of the partners in the new, international Network for Medieval Arts and Rituals (NetMAR)

CML is pleased to be joining forces as twinning partner with the Centre for Medieval Studies (ZeMas) at the University of Bamberg (UNI BA) and the University of Cyprus (UCY) and its newly-created Centre for Medieval Arts & Rituals (CeMAR) to form a new, international Network for Medieval Arts and Rituals (NetMAR)

This EU-funded project, which will commence on 01.01.2021 and will last for three years, until 31.12.23,heralds a new cross-disciplinary network for the study of medieval arts and rituals. Through facilitating and fostering collaboration between three different institutions, and through engaging several different partners and stakeholders, NetMAR offers new and exciting ways to approach, understand, and make use of concepts of ritual, ritualisation, and performance. The ultimate aim is to enhance the field of medieval studies throughbringing together under one lens visual arts, literature, and performance art. To do so, NetMAR has planned various different scientific activities that will bring new benefits to scholarship and society more broadly, including but not limited to: staff exchanges; expert visits; webinars; workshops and conferences; a summer school; and several dissemination and outreach activities. The members of the network will develop and publish high-impact publications, establish an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access scholarly journal, and create a critical mass of highly qualified young scholars of all genders.

The knowledge transfer, training and exchange of best practices that NetMAR will facilitate between the three partnering institutions will go a long way towards filling networking gaps and deficiencies that UCY may have comparatively to its advanced partners in the field of medieval studies. Actively and directly, NetMAR will also promote the integration of Early Stage Researchers into its activities and the training of emerging scholars in research management and grant writing skills.
Editing was completed: 04.01.2021