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JUST SOCIETY is developing a research-based and tailored interdisciplinary course with the tentative title “Social Rights and Policy: Comparative Perspectives on Access to Justice”. The course targets students in relevant MA-programmes as well as practitioners working with street-level implementation and social policies. 

The course will include an introductory module on the theoretical foundations of studies of the rule of law and the welfare state, discussing specifically ‘the Nordic model’ in a critical perspective; a series of applied modules concentrating on access to specific welfare rights; and a cross-country conference where course participants present findings from their projects on challenges to equal access to welfare rights. The course integrates comparative perspectives across the partner countries Brazil, Georgia, India and South Africa.

The course uses a blended learning approach and applies innovative teaching methods, including nanofication of lectures, exercises that develop course participants’ analytical skills, and seminars that centre course participants’ contexts and lived experiences.

The course is developed and implemented in collaboration with the following partner institutions: Center for Comparative Constitutional Studies at University of Brasilia, Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Ilia State University, Institute of Public Policy at National Law School of India University, Bangalore, as well as Centre of Social Development in Africa (CSDA) and Faculty of Law at University of Johannesburg.



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Last Updated 09.05.2022