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Just Society

JUST SOCIETY is an interdisciplinary project that aims to promote equality by strengthening the rule of law, access to justice, and redistributive public policies through teaching, research and public engagement.

From legal, sociological and political perspectives, we explore the intersection of the institutions that shape street-level encounters between state and individuals in relation to access to justice and to redistributive public services and benefits. We aim to strengthen accountable and inclusive institutions that uphold the rule of law and provide equal access to welfare. 

We are offering "The Rule of Law and Equal Access to Welfare" in 2024! EXTENDED DEADLINE: 10 MARCH!

JUST SOCIETY is offering our research-based interdisciplinary course on the rule of law and equal access to welfare in 2024! The course applies an innovative approach that integrates learner-centred teaching in a flexible online format. The course has been developed in close collaboration with partner universities in Brazil, Georgia, India and South Africa.

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Recommendation by Carolina Ferreira, a previous student

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"The platform is working well, and I am loving the course."

Student, spring cohort 2023

"I am very grateful for the course, I've learned a lot from the experience and made friends. It was very interesting to learn about how different jurisdictions approach different challenges regarding equal access to welfare and the rule of law. I've also learned more about South Africa than I thought I would and made friends along the way. I would recommend those who have the opportunity to participate in the course to do so."

- Lesley, fall cohort 2023

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