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Everyone deserves to live in a just society in which each person is socially and economically secure, and where the state is politically, legally, and administratively inclusive and fair.

JUST SOCIETY is an ambitious interdisciplinary research project set out to explore, research and facilitate dialogue concerning the role of welfare policies and the rule of law in Global South countries.

Our core focus is on the intersection of strong institutions, the rule of law and the distribution of welfare and access to justice. Through partnerships in a selection of Global South countries, we aim to contribute to the understanding of government institutions’ role in a just society.

An interdisciplinary project that aims to deepen the understanding of how we can strengthen responsible, accountable and inclusive institutions that support the rule of law and equal access to welfare.

Core focus areas

Our work is structured around three key interests:

  • The development of a research-based and interdisciplinary course work on the role of institutions and the rule of law as well as the implementation of redistributive public services and benefits. The coursework targets academic students in Master Programmes in law, humanities or social science as well as a variety of practitioners in Global South countries. The course work is under current development in collaboration with partners such as the Centre for Social Development in Africa, University of Johannesburg among others.


  • Interdisciplinary research contributions to the field of the rule of law and welfare policies in the Global South with particular emphasis on redistributive public services and street-level encounters.


  • The establishment of partnerships in the Global South and the facilitation of dialogue and knowledge sharing across academic disciplines and between public servants, civil society, and the public on the role of state institutions in the pursuit of welfare, distribution of wealth, fairness, equality, inclusiveness and access to justice.