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Fribourg Colloquium 2021: "Paradigms and Perspectives of a Comparative Medieval Literature" (8-10 September, 2021)

Colloquium at the University of Fribourg on comparative approaches in medieval studies (8-10 September, 2021).

Fribourg Colloquium 2021: 
"Paradigms and Perspectives of a Comparative Medieval Literature"

University of Fribourg (8-10 September, 2021)

The Friborg Colloquium 2021, organized by the Institut of Medieval Studies of the University of Friborg, aims to show the fruitfulness of the latest trends in the comparative methodology for research on the Middle Ages. For this reason two peculiarities of cultural history and medieval literature will be at the heart of comparative discussions: first, the materiality and mediality of manuscript culture and, second, the crucial role of the Latin language as a transregional lingua franca, driving force of exchange and innovation beyond linguistic and cultural borders.

Three CML members will be speaking at the colloquium:

  • Elizabeth Tyler: "Entanglements: Vernacular Literary Cultures in the Latin West (ch350–ch1150)
  • Christian Høgel: "The Rise and Reappearance of Greek as an Imperial Language – and as Model for Latin"
  • Lars Boje Mortensen: roundtable on "Comparative Medieval Studies in the 21st  Century: Tasks and Visions" with Jens Herlth (University of Freiburg) and Michael Stolz (University of Bern)

For the full programme and further details about the colloquium please see here.

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