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CML Enters Second Phase of Funding

New CML senior researchers and new research strands.

On February 1, 2018, the CML enters its second Danish National Research Foundation grant period!

During the second phase of research (2018-22), CML Centre Leader Lars Boje Mortensen (SDU) and Co-Directors Christian Høgel (SDU) and Elizabeth Tyler (York) are joined by four CML Senior Researchers: Réka Forrai (SDU), George Younge (York), Aglae Pizzone (Danish Institute for Advanced Study, SDU), and Rosa Rodríguez Porto (Danish Institute for Advanced Study, SDU).

New research strands

Research in the second grant period will be focused around three main research strands: Imperial Languages (led by Christian Høgel and Aglae Pizzone), Canon and Library (led by Lars Boje Mortensen and Réka Forrai), and Transformations and Translocations (led by Elizabeth Tyler, George Younge, and Rosa Rodríguez Porto).

Editing was completed: 01.02.2018