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CML videoseminar. Benjamin Anderson, "How Did the Oracles of Leo Mean?"

Online CML videoseminar with Benjamin Anderson (Cornell University), 26 November 2020 at 2:30 PM CET

Benjamin Anderson (Cornell University) will be giving an online CML videoseminar on 26 November on “How Did the Oracles of Leo Mean?” The CML seminar is an extension of his first seminar on 25 November which is part of the York History of Art Research Seminars. Read more about this here.


Since the CML seminar is an extension of the first seminar the day before, participants are expected to take part in both of these events. The spaces for the CML videoseminar will be limited. If you are interested in participating, please contact academic manager Maiken Bundgaard Villumsen ( for more information. 


Byzantinists know the “Oracles of Leo,” images with accompanying verses, above all from historians’ accounts in which they reveal the fates of reigning emperors. Such anecdotes are revealing about the nature of the Byzantine state. In this seminar, we will approach them primarily from a semiotic perspective, asking how the pictures and words relate to their putative subjects. Only after we have a few working hypotheses will we turn to the broader question of their place within Byzantine literary and artistic cultures.

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