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CML's Elizabeth Tyler on BBC Radio's "In Our Time"

CML's Elizabeth Tyler appeared on BBC Radio's 'In Our Time' where she talked about the Danish prince Cnut

CML's Elizabeth Tyler appeared on BBC Radio's 'In Our Time'. With host Melvyn Bragg, she and  Erin Goeres (UCL) and Pragya Vohra (York) discussed the Danish prince who became a very effective King of England in 1016. Cnut inherited a kingdom in a sorry state. The north and east coast had been harried by Viking raiders, and his predecessor King Æthelred II had struggled to maintain order amongst the Anglo-Saxon nobility too. Cnut proved to be skilful ruler. Not only did he bring stability and order to the kingdom, he exported the Anglo-Saxon style of centralised government to Denmark. Under Cnut, England became the cosmopolitan centre of a multi-national North Atlantic Empire, and a major player in European politics.


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Editing was completed: 19.09.2023