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Publication, "Emotions through Time - From Antiquity to Byzantium"

New publication edited by Douglas Cairns, Martin Hinterberger, Aglae Pizzone, and Matteo Zaccarini, with contribution by Aglae Pizzone

CML/Danish Institute for Advanced Study Assistant Professor Aglae Pizzone has recently co-edited "Emotions Through Time - From Antiquity to Byzantium" with Douglas Cairns, Martin Hinterberger, and Matteo Zaccarini

This volume is the first to explore ancient and Byzantine Greek emotions from a comparative and synoptic perspective. A distinguished international cast of 17 authors deploys the methodologies of Classics, Byzantine Studies, and emotion history to uncover the complex interactions between ancient and Byzantine emotionology. Its wide-ranging chapters shed new light on the Byzantine emotional universe and its impact on medieval and early modern culture and explore the reception and influence of ancient emotion concepts in Byzantine sources. Textual sources are given due prominence, but the volume also investigates wider phenomena such as visual and material culture, performance, ritual, and the creation of emotional landscapes.

Editing was completed: 15.06.2022