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New, Danish podcast series by Thomas Heebøll-Holm

CML associate professor has created the Danish podcast Mægtige Middelalder which is available online

Mægtige Middelalder (Mighty Middle Ages) is a podcast about Denmark and the Middle Ages. It is hosted and edited by Thomas Heebøll-Holm, associate professor at the CML.

In each episode, he and an invited guest - typically a medievalist - have a conversation about Denmark in the Middle Ages. Contrary to other podcasts, in Mægtige Middelalder, the point of the departure for the conversation is not a recent publication by the guest, but a medieval source (written, pictural etc.) that relates to the guest’s research interests. On the basis of this source, Thomas and the guest explore a theme or a time period in Danish - and European – medieval history.

The podcast is available online here or you can access it via our Media Archive. 

Editing was completed: 25.03.2021