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Sandro Nikolaishvili on Georgian History in podcast

Sandro Nikolaishvili takes part in this BBC podcast on queen Tamar

Sandro Nikolaishvili takes part in the BBC podcast "Queen Tamar: The myth of a perfect ruler" available online here

Queen Tamar was one of Georgia’s most iconic and colourful rulers, a powerful medieval sovereign who controlled large parts of the Caucasus and the eastern side of the Black Sea and forged strong cultural links with both the Byzantine West and the Persian South. Her influence extended beyond the battlefield: she presided over the last phase of the Georgian ‘Golden Age’ which saw the building of classic Georgian churches and a flowering of the Arts that produced one of Georgia’s most important poets.

So who was Queen Tamar? How did she rise to power and outmanoeuvre her enemies? And why do the myths about her rule publicised by her faithful chroniclers persist till today?

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Editing was completed: 20.09.2020