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Summer 2017 publications

Publications by Lars Boje Mortensen, Alastair Matthews, and Dale Kedwards.

Lars Boje Mortensen, "The Sudden Success of Prose: A Comparative View of Greek, Latin, Old French, and Old Norse," in Medieval Worlds.

Alastair Matthews, "When is the Swan Knight not the Swan Knight? Berthold von Holle's Demantin and Literary Space in Medieval Europe," in The Modern Language Review.

Dale Kedwards, “The Sun’s Companions: The Heliocentric Orbits of Mercury and Venus.” In Skandinavische Schriftlandschaften. Vänbok till Jürg Glauser, edited by Klaus Müller-Wille, Kate Heslop, Anna Katharina Richter, and Lukas Rösli, 97–101. Tübingen: A. Francke, 2017.

Editing was completed: 14.08.2017