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CML talks this month (February 2017)

Talks by Elizabeth Tyler, Kristin Bourassa, and Christian Etheridge.

Elizabeth Tyler, “Lay Vernacular Literacy in the Court of Edward the Confessor: Cotton Tiberius B i (Old English Orosius and Anglo-Saxon Chronicle) and German Imperial History-Writing.” The Medieval Colloquium, Yale, Feb 17.

Elizabeth Tyler, "England in Europe: Elite Social Mobility and the Literary Culture of 11th-Century England." Berkeley Medieval Studies Program, February 27.

Kristin  Bourassa, "How to Criticize a King in the Fifteenth Century." Middelaldercirklen, SDU, February 22.

Christian Etheridge, "Exposing the Flat Earth & Other Myths of Medieval Science," Danish Institute for Advanced Study, Feb 15.

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