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CML conferences and talks this month (October 2016)

Presentations by Aglae Pizzone, Dale Kedwards, and Christian Etheridge

Postdoc Aglae Pizzone presented at the first workshop of the Leverhulme network "Emotions through Time: From Antiquity to Byzantium" (workshop: "Defining and Theorising Emotions," Edinburgh). Aglae presented on "Eustathius: Reading Homeric Emotions."

Postdoc Dale Kedwards & PhD fellow Christian Etheridge will be speaking at "A World in Fragments: GKS 1812 4to and Medieval Encyclopedic Literature" in Rekjavík, October 20-21. Dale's talk is titled "An Icelandic world map and the Ark treatises of Hugh of Saint Victor," and Christian's "From Carolingian Star Maps to Arabic Astronomical Instruments: Assessing the Different Types of Astronomy Represented by the Hands of GKS 1812 I 4to and GKS 1812 II 4to." 

Editing was completed: 30.09.2016