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CML conferences & talks this month (November 2016)

CML conferences & talks this month (November 2016)

Nov. 30, King's College London: Elizabeth Tyler & Christian Høgel, Comparative Literature Research SeminarImperial Languages  

Lydia Zeldenrust will be speaking at "European Narrative Literature in the Early Period of Print" (Utrecht, November 24-25) on "The Transcultural Legacy of Mélusine: Early Print Culture and the Shaping of Late Medieval Romance Traditions." The conference is organized in connection with the FWO-NWO project, The changing face of medieval Dutch narrative literature in the early period of print. 

[Note, Nov. 8: this talk will be RESCHEDULED for a later date.] Shazia Jagot will present in the Danish Institute for Advanced Study's IDEAS series, on "Re-orienting the Sciences in Medieval Literature."

Lars Boje Mortensen will speak on "Meritocratic Values in High Medieval Literature" at Aberystwyth University on November 8 and on "1200-tallet som litteraturhistorisk kontekst" at the University of Copenhagen, November 22. 

Steffen Hope, "The baptism of Olaf Haraldsson and typological identity in Theodoricus Monachus' Historia antiquitate Regum Norwagiensum," State of the Art. Theorie und Praxis mediävistischer Forschung, at Christian Albrechts Universität, Kiel, November 18. 

Rosa Rodríguez Porto will be presenting on "La Estoria de la Biblia y el legado alfonsí: lecturas 'canónicas' de la Escritura a la luz de la General estoria" at Jornadas de Investigación: La General estoria de Alfonso X: canon literario y cambio lingüístico, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, November 3-4, 2016.

Kristin Bourassa will present on "Pierre Salmon's Dialogues and Political Literature in Late-Medieval France" at the 4th annual Late Medieval France and Burgundy Workshop, University of York, December 3, 2016.

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