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Online seminar. Erik Niblaeus

Erik Niblaeus (University of Cambridge) will be giving an online lecture at CML on "Adam of Bremen, Popes and the Papacy", 22 September 2023 at 12:00-13:00 PM CET

The talk is part of the Interfaces Journal Lectures autumn 2023 and will be online via Zoom. All are welcome!

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In the 1070s began what Karl Leyser called ‘the crisis of medieval Germany’. Civil war and a breakdown in the rela9onship between ruler and pope rocked the German elite. One symptom of the crisis was a remarkable upswing in the produc9on of historical literature. The archiepiscopal chronicle of Hamburg- Bremen by Adam, master of schools at Bremen cathedral, is one of the most celebrated products of German history-wri9ng of the 1070s. Adam worked for an ins9tu9on which depended on a posi9ve rela9onship with both imperial and papal authority. This paper revisits Adam’s view of the papacy in literary-historical terms, by situa9ng him in the broader historiographical trends, tradi9ons, and innova9ons of his age.

Editing was completed: 22.09.2023