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Interstellar skies: The Lunar Passage in Literature through the Ages

Interdisciplinary symposium on the lunar passage in literature, 4-6 August 2018, organised by Dale Kedwards (CML)


Interstellar skies: The Lunar Passage in Literature through the Ages

Hven, Sweden (connections via Copenhagen), 4th–6th August 2018


Matthew Francis (Aberystwyth University, UK): Towards Goosepunk: A Modern Poetic Treatment of Francis Godwin’s The Man in the Moone

Lisa R. Messeri (Yale University, US): Tidally Locked: Lunar Constructions of a Planetary Imagination


Hester Bradley (Oxford Brookes University, UK): The Moon on Stage: The Lunar Character in Early Modern England

Bertil Dorch (University of Southern Denmark, DK): Tycho Beyond the Memory of Humankind

Victoria Flood (University of Birmingham, UK): Medieval Dreams and Early Science Fiction in Johannes Kepler’s Somnium

Dale Kedwards (University of Southern Denmark, DK): ‘Whether Jove will me stellify’: Chaucer and Starstuff

Divna Manolova (University of Silesia, PL): The Mirror of the Moon and the Moon in the Mirror: The Lunar Theory of Demetrios Triklinios

Marteinn Helgi Sigurðsson (Copenhagen, DK): Journey to the Moon: Kepler’s Dream, Tycho Brahe and Icelandic Astronomy

Kate McClune (University of Bristol, UK): Ariosto, Lunar Landscapes, and Sixteenth-Century Scotland

Tom McLeish (University of York, UK): From Mars to Music, from Alcuin to Charlemagne, from Cassiodorus to Grosseteste – or how to keep your head when Mars makes you see red

Nicola Thomas (St Hilda's College, Oxford, UK): ‘the orbit mouth organ     the floating song’: Queerness, Space and Pleasure in Edwin Morgan's Spacepoems

Image credit: NASA

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