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Do it yourself! A participative approach to increase participation and engagement of high school students in physical education and sport classes

The objectives of the project are to identify and describe core educational objectives and development practices of PES classes in the national curriculum of 5 European countries: Albania, Italy, Malta, Romania and Slovakia, to test the feasibility (process evaluation) and effectiveness of a 3-month intervention focused on participatory approach to physical education and sport (PES) classes in 3 different settings in each country, and to develop a set of scenarios and examples of good practice applicable at European level in regards to models for building innovative - participatory approaches to PES classes.

In the timeframe December 11-12, 2017, the Work Meeting 1 of the DIYPES project took place at the Institute of Researches on Population and Social Policies - The National Research Council, Rome, Italy. Representatives from each of the 6 project partner countries (Albania, Denmark, Italy, Malta, Romania and Slovakia) discussed the progress achieved at the middle of the implementation period (in regards to the first results of the curriculum analysis and intervention data collection phase) and also planned together the following activities, especially the intervention implementation in the 15 high-schools enrolled in the project and the 3 days Work Meeting planned in June-July in Malta.


For more information about the project aims & activities and progress, please contact us at or 

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