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Essays in Economic History and Economic Development

Xanthi Tsoukli

My PhD project consists mainly of three chapters, two of which are part of my supervisor’s Paul R. Sharp Sapere Aude research grant entitled “Rethinking the economic take-off of Denmark”. The aim of this project is the revision of the Danish economic history, by exploiting a novel and detailed micro-level database on Danish and Irish cooperative creameries to understand the role of foreign supply of coal for Denmark’s development in the late nineteenth and late twentieth centuries, as well as the reasons why Denmark outcompeted Ireland. In the third chapter of my PhD project, I am using the civil war in Greece as an exogenous shock to investigate the relationship between conflict and female labor force participation. To investigate the effect of the civil war on the female labor force participation, I use a difference-in-differences approach with the female labor force participation rate as the outcome of interest. 

Last Updated 18.02.2021