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This month's research highlight

With Assistant Professor Elena Korchmina


Elena Korchmina, Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark's Department of Economics, joins us for this HEDG Research Highlight, talking about her research on the project "Denmark and Russia: Why two Arctic Empires developed so differently and continue to diverge".

We discuss her motivations and interests behind the work, the historical context of the periods she is researching, and some of her emergent findings - particularly surrounding comparative inequality, and knowledge transfer.

For a useful overview of this evolving research agenda, check out this paper by Elena and Paul Richard Sharp, also of HEDG: 'Denmark and Russia: What can we learn from the historical comparison of two great Arctic agricultural empires?'

You can also read an interview with Elena here, delving into greater detail on her research, her interests, and the impact she hopes this work will have:

Last Updated 20.12.2023