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Study programmes at the Humanities

The humanities are many things, including language, pedagogy, culture, history, design, and information and communication – in short, it is the study of the world created by humans. Your world.

Programmes at the Humanities 

Your humanities course of study can take you in many directions, and you are privileged to have the opportunity to work in many different industries, such as private companies, public institutions, organisations and more. Job descriptions in the humanities labour market are often broad, such as project manager, analyst, consultant or teacher. So, while the job title typically does not reflect your exact education, you will certainly use your education in your job – it is a matter of the need for an employee with your particular skill set.

The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Humanities follow the 3+2 structure. This means that upon earning your Bachelor’s degree (3 years), you can continue on to a Master’s degree programme (2 years). In addition, we also offer a number of minor subject and elective courses. A number of Bachelor’s programmes allow you to choose an elective course or a minor subject in your third year – and on some programmes, it is a regular part of the Bachelor’s programme. We also offer a range of further and continuing education courses. 

The humanities doctoral studies (PhD degree programme) lasts 3 years and requires you to have completed a Master’s degree programme. 

Study programmes at the Humanities 


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