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Programme offered in Danish only

USA cannot be boiled down to simply Coca Cola, Obama and Twilight.

Due to the global influence of USA, most Danes have a sense that they are familiar with the country. USA is often perceived as one culture without taking account of the multiplicity that characterises the country.


If you were looking to begin upon a course that gives you a broad and a deep understanding of USA, then a BA in American Studies might be for you. The course combines historical and political aspects with literary and cultural topics and gives you an understanding of:


  • American commercial life
  • American media
  • American literature
  • American culture
  • American history
  • American politics

As a student of American Studies you will encounter a set of good teachers who, besides teaching, also conduct research into American affairs across a wide range of areas.

The Centre for American Studies has Denmark’s strongest research environment in the field and for that reason is often cited in both the written and electronic media.


Job prospects

Depending on the subjects you choose, a degree in American Studies will give you access to jobs in the following branches:


  • Danish export companies with a focus on the American market
  • American companies with links to Denmark
  • International companies in Europe
  • The information sector, including the mass media