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Obtain a mix of economics and linguistic competences and go international!

BSc in international business administration and foreign languages in Flensburg and Sønderborg combines business economics and business language (in either German or Danish plus English) and qualifies you for internationally oriented jobs in private enterprises as well as in public organizations.

Intercultural study environment in Flensburg and Sønderborg

BSc in international business administration and foreign languages has been established in cooperation with the University of Flensburg and is studied in Flensburg and Sønderborg. This means that it has a marked international profile, both in terms of the subjects taught and in terms of the study environment you will become part of. And last, but not least, the marked international profile is reflected in the double degree which you will obtain on graduation: a Danish as well as a German Bachelor degree.

Broad range of subjects

BSc in international business administration and foreign languages is the study programme for you if you want to combine studies in business language with studies in business economics. Faced with growing political, economic, cultural, and social globalization, businesses will make increasing demands on their employees, who will have to work across national and linguistic borders.

This BSc will qualify you for analysing, evaluating, and solving the tasks involved in the international activities of business enterprises, and it will qualify you for performing the communication and mediation tasks arising in connection with such activities. You will obtain the competences you need via foreign language training, via knowledge of social conditions, and via knowledge of the sociological and economic factors influencing decision-making processes in various culture.